WARNING: Story contains disturbing images

ELMORE COUNTY, Ala. (WRBL) — An Alabama sister is begging for a welfare check and medical intervention for her brother after sharing disturbing images of him, which she says were taken inside Elmore Correctional Facility. The images have gone viral on social media.

The sister of inmate Kastellio Vaughan shared the pictures on her Facebook page, showing him laying down in a bed, and another picture of Vaughn unable to sit up in what appears to be the correctional facility. Vaughn appears gaunt and sick. The images were shared by Kassie Vaughan Wednesday night on Facebook and so far have received more than 11,000 shares.

WRBL reached out to the Alabama Department of Corrections early Thursday morning to get a comment. We were told to email media relations, which we did. A nameless person responded quicky at 9:31 Thursday morning saying, “We are checking into it.” Hours later we haven’t heard anything back. We sent a follow-up email Thursday afternoon. When we pushed to speak with someone in person, we were told to “have a blessed day” and hung up on it. A call back was not answered.

Kassie Vaughan shared images of her brother who she says is incarcerated in Elmore Correctional Institute.

WRBL also reached out to the Elmore Correctional Facility after being transferred a few times, the phone disconnected. WRBL tried to call again Thursday afternoon, but the phone was never answered.

According to AL.com, Vaughan was shot in 2013 by a homeowner he tried to rob in Mobile. He was convicted and sentenced. Vaughan’s family says on social media they are not asking for his release, they just want to make sure he is receiving the medical attention he needs. The family says their calls and requests for information are being ignored by the Elmore County Correctional facility.

WRBL will continue trying to get a comment and status on the situation.