Denver teacher gives birth outside school building

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DENVER, Colorado (CNN) — A Denver teacher gave birth two weeks early, on the sidewalk outside her school building.

Sixth grade English teacher Lindsay Agbalokwu, who teaches at the DSST: Conservatory Green Middle School, knows how to handle pressure.

But she never thought she’d be delivering her second child on the sidewalk outside her school.

“And then all of a sudden, it was just so much pressure and pain,” she said. “I was like, ‘I think she’s coming now.’”

Agbalokwu’s friend, teacher Marissa Cast, put down a sleeping bag and took some pictures as the principal, Natalie Lewis, and school dean Chris Earls got ready.

“Okay, I guess this is happening and so the dean’s on one side, principal’s on the other side,” Agbalokwu said. “Marissa is kind of behind me. She’s the seventh-grade teacher.”

At the last minute, firefighters stepped in to finish the speedy delivery.

“Well, I just, like, will randomly thing about it and like text my mom again, like, ‘I just gave birth on the sidewalk, like, outside my school. Like, this is so crazy. Like, what just happened?’”

Little Zara just couldn’t wait to come into this world.

And now that it’s over, it seems like that was the way it was supposed to be.

“She was 8 pounds, 6 ounces,” Agbalokwu said. “She is currently sleeping. When she was ready, she just said, ‘Boom, I’m coming now.’ And I think it’ll be indicative of her personality to come, that she will be a firecracker. She’s going to do great things.”

Zara is Agbalokwu’s second child.

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