Bill sponsored by SC & GA Senators aims at banning abortion after 20 weeks across country

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One of the most talked about pieces of legislation this year in Georgia was the ‘heartbeat bill’.

That bill moved the legal line for abortion from 20 weeks to 6 weeks, before many women even know they are pregnant.  

While the bill states that life begins at the heartbeat, around 6 weeks, it allows abortions for rape and incest until 20 weeks…a point those opposed to the bill took issue with, saying that if a fetus is truly a baby at 6 weeks, that wouldn’t be an exception.

“It’s just political pandering because otherwise it wouldn’t matter whose sperm it was, you wouldn’t be able to abort the pregnancy,” said Sen. Jen Jordan.

“All I know to do is define life where it begins and where it ends — with the heartbeat,” said Sen. Brian Strickland.

Now, there is a national bill to ban abortion across the country at 20 weeks, and it has some strong Georgia and Carolina ties.

This bill was sponsored by South Carolina Senator Lindsay Graham and co-sponsored by Georgia Senator David Perdue.

It was presented to the Senate Judiciary Committee this week and one of those testifying?  The Georgia state senator who made the most impassioned argument against the heartbeat bill.

Senator Graham’s bill is called the ‘pain-capable unborn child protection act’.  It seeks to limit abortion across the country at 20 weeks, regardless of state law.  

It would make performing abortions punishable with jail time.  

Georgia state Senator Jen Jordan testified against this bill, describing her own 7 miscarriages and saying that though she mourned those…that doesn’t change another woman’s right to choose.

“No matter my faith, my beliefs, my losses,I have never, ever strayed from the basic principle that each woman must be able to make her decisions in consultation with her God and her family,” said Sen. Jordan. “It is not for the government to insert itself in the most personal, private and wrenching decisions that women make every single day.”

Graham’s bill would make exceptions past 20 weeks for threats to the life of the mother and for rape and incest…that issue that opponents of these bans point to, saying if a pregnancy is truly a baby that doesn’t make sense from their perspective.

You can read Sen. Jordan’s full testimony HERE.

You can watch the full hearing HERE.

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