Apollo 11 Moon Landing 50th Anniversary: Space and Rocket Center celebrates

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HUNTSVILLE, AL (WZDX) – “One giant leap for mankind…”

Those words couldn’t ring any more true, as visitors to the U.S. Space and Rocket Center take a look back on the impact of the Apollo 11 flight. 

Fifty years ago, with the work and bravery of many, mankind accomplished the impossible. 

Man’s first steps on the moon and Neil Armstrong’s famous words were etched into history. 

But, the impact of the Apollo 11 flight can often be lost among younger generations, who haven’t known a time where mankind was bound to the earth alone. 

The Space and Rocket Center is doing their part to keep the legacy of Apollo 11 alive. 

“It broke down geographical barriers. It gave us the opportunity to see the world as a whole and for, as humans, to recognize that we are one people living on one planet and it’s all of us in arms together,” says Ron Newton,  USSRC Manager of Customer Engagement.

Kevin Bauerle, who attended the re-enactment of the Apollo 11 landing, had this to say: “Well I think it’s important for them to see the technology. Both what the past and future is gonna bring. It’s pretty awesome to see where we’ve been and where we’re going.”

Looking back at the past isn’t the only thing that’s happening here at the US Space and Rocket Center. Staff members are going to attempt to make history of their own later on this week. 

Ron Newton says, “We are going to attempt to launch a record number or rockets all at one time here at the space and rocket center.”

From attempting to break a world record, to a homecoming celebration highlighting the appearance of APOLLO 11’s own, Dr. Edwin “Buzz” Aldrin; the Space and Rocket Center hopes its week full of events will help highlight the past, today. 

Kevin Bauerle remarks, “Its pretty expansive. It’s lots of fun for kids. Lots of fun for the family. It’s interesting for everybody.”

Ron Newton says,  “Reliving that critical moment in the history of humankind. It helps us bridge that gap and provide context for the younger audience. While also, at the same time, commemorating those brave souls who really did something incredible and managed to make it to the moon.”

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