(WJBF) – Now that Tesla CEO Elon Musk is in charge at Twitter, a lot of decisions made by the billionaire as of late are having many users reconsidering being a part of the platform.

Since its launch in 2006, Twitter has become one of the most popular social media platforms with over 300 million users.

Musk has stated that his reason for purchasing Twitter was to protect free speech. However, his takeover has been marred with controversy from cutting a significant portion of Twitter’s workforce, changing requirements for and flatlining the verification system, as well as public arguments with users mocking him and his decisions.

While it isn’t clear if the drama of Musk’s tenure at the social media site is leading to users leaving, there are several social media sites out there that have seen interest as possible alternatives. Here are some if you’re feeling the need to fly the coop on Twitter.

  1. Tumblr:
    • Tumblr has been around since 2007 and is often referred to by people as a “micro-blog,” that allows people to heavily customize their own page. The platform allows people to blog using pictures, text, and music.
  2. Mastodon:
    • Mastodon is similar to Twitter but it doesn’t have an actual app and is open source content that allows users to build their own social networks. Another big difference is the 500 character limit.
  3. Facebook:
    • While this is one of the more obvious alternatives, it’s worth mentioning. Facebook allows you to post texts, pictures, music, and more. With a character limit of over 63 thousand, if you’ve been having trouble with Twitter’s character limits it may be time to revisit one of social media’s most popular platforms.
  4. Instagram:
    • Instagram is a social media platform thats primary focus is video and pictures. You can only post visual content with written captions. One big difference between it and Facebook is that there’s only a heart icon unlike Facebook which allows you dislike posts, among other reactions.
  5. TikTok:
    • TikTok is a social media app for short-form videos. Whether your primary goal is to post videos to your followers or just watch others post their own videos, give this one a try.
  6. YouTube:
    • YouTube is another place to post videos and follow others for their videos. You can even monetize your channel and make some extra money if your content has a following.
  7. LinkedIn:
    • A place to network, find new jobs, and more. LinkedIn has taken on similar features to Facebook and Twitter for professionals to post updates on their careers and their businesses.
  8. Reddit:
    • Reddit is a social news website that many call “the front page of the internet” where members submit content to the site such as links, text posts, images, and videos which are then voted up or down by other members. Reddit was created back in 2005 and currently has over 430 million users.
  9. Substack or Medium:
    • A place for longer blogs, newsletters, and general information almost like a combination of Reddit and Tumblr.
  10. SpaceHey:
    • If you miss the simplicity of MySpace, then SpaceHey is for you. The site aims to recreate the MySpace experience with an impressive level of function and detail. Gone is the endless ‘newsfeed’ scroll you’d find on Facebook or Twitter. And no advertisements. For those looking for the bare minimum in a social media experience.

Social media has become a big part of many lives over the years and finding the right platform can be tough. These are just some of the many social media options that are out there.

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