(NEXSTAR) — Lego and Super Mario are set to unleash Bowser’s fury on collectors this fall with the release of the partnership’s largest building set yet. The Mighty Bowser kit features Nintendo’s iconic villain in 2,807 pieces as part of Lego’s adult product line.

The recreation of Mario’s nemesis can launch fireballs and will also have moveable head, neck, mouth, arms, legs and tail, Lego said in its Thursday announcement.

“Just as defeating Bowser was always the ultimate challenge in the Super Mario games, here we’re challenging fans to build the King of the Koopas from nearly 3,000 pieces,” said Senior Designer Carl Merriam. “We know they’re up to the task and will be chomping at the bit to get their hands on this great new addition to the Super Mario line.”

The Might Bowser, priced at $269.99, will be released Oct. 1. Cue the evil Bowser laugh you dreaded from Super Mario 64.

Biggest Lego set ever

While 2,807 is a lot of pieces, it’s far from Lego’s biggest set.

In terms of piece count, the biggest Lego set ever released is the Lego Art World Map, which has over 11,000 pieces. The item can be mounted and pinned with its owner’s travels. Other many-piece releases are the Titanic set (9,090 pieces), Colosseum (9,036), Star Wars Millennium Falcon (7,541) and the Harry Potter Hogwarts Castle (6,020).