TYBEE ISLAND, Ga. (WJBF) – Tybee Island residents are finally able to get back on the island after evacuating last week. Some people were let back on late Sunday night, but most arrived Monday.

As homeowners get back onto the island, there is still a light breeze in the air.

Everyone here spent the day looking at damage and hoping that the power would be turned back on soon.

The National Guard is only letting property owners and business owners on Tybee Island. So many people not knowing what to expect when they get home.

“Historically, Tybee is tucked back, so we generally don’t get hit.”

For many, one of the first sights of Hurricane Matthew is this townhome with its roof torn off — sitting in the front yard.

“When it took the roof off and all the water from the storm went straight down into the unit, so it’s pretty much destroyed, water-soaked. It will be a major redo. They’ll have to gut it.

Keith Gay has owned rental property on Tybee for 15 years. He and his partners will spend the next few weeks cleaning up the homes

“We’re doing an evaluation of how many properties and which properties are usable. Right up the street, you have a house where all the shingles were taken off right to wood. So they have water damage in that, so some of the properties will not be usable.

All across town, there are signs down, pieces of roof ripped apart, trees splintered and minor flooding. Cindy Sukal has owned Surf Song Bed and Breakfast for 3 years. She left the island Wednesday.

“Roof damage, water in the walls from leaking under the roof shingles. Lots of ceiling damage on every level of the house.”

Even though it will take weeks to fix the damage, Sukal’s just happy her business is still in one piece.

A lot of people are upset about the damage to the beach on Tybee Island.

There used to be rolling dunes here. The erosion really taking a tole flattening the beautiful sand and shoreline across the island.