GROVETOWN, Ga. (WJBF) – Two women have been arrested after allegations of elder abuse and cruelty to animals.

According to the Grovetown Police Department, investigators found Rebecca Turner, who is disabled and bound to a wheelchair, with cuts, scrapes, and arks on her body, which they say appears to have been caused by animals in the home.

Investigators say they also noticed that Turner’s wheelchair was unusable due to the seat being filled with animal feces.

Investigators also say that Turner was in the care of her daughter, Latisha Brighurst, and her granddaughter, Rebecca Brighurst.

According to authorities, all three residents in the home were observed to have animal feces partially covering their clothes and their bare skin.

Authorities also say that there were no usable showers or toilets in the residence.

According to investigators, the Columbia County Animal Control responded to the scene removing over two dozen dogs, multiple cats, and several reptiles from the residence.

Investigators say that Rebecca Turner was removed from the home and transported to an area hospital for medical treatment and evaluation.

Investigators also say that Adult Protective Services will be working to place Turner in a proper facility to meet her needs once she is released.

In the meantime, according to authorities, Latisha Brighurst and Hannah Brighurst were both arrested for Neglect to a Disabled Adult, Elder Person, or Resident and Cruelty to Animals.

Hannah Brighurst was transported to the Columbia County Detention Center while Latisha Brighurst was transported for medical evaluation and will be committed at a later date.