Two mothers open up about runaway teen


AUGUSTA, Ga. (WJBF) – Two mothers are making a plea Monday night, one biological and one foster mom, after a teenager went missing in Richmond County.

Ten days after 15-year-old Kambria Rundell went missing, her foster mother told us that she appeared Monday morning, but she ran away again. She said that the situation is much bigger than just running away.

“Call the police, get her off the list, she packed her bags, walked off with them here,” she said.

Kathy Kubinski told NewsChannel 6 she’s been fostering 15-year-old Kambria Rundell for several years. But lately, she said the teen does not want to obey.

“Her rules consist of keep your room clean, go to school, one chore a day, be in the house by 10 o’clock,” Kubinski said. “Those are her rules. It’s tough for a teenager, isn’t it?”

The Richmond County Sheriff’s Office first put out a missing person flyer online last week stating Rundell was last seen at her Bell Drive home on August 20.

Police report she packed a bag then and may have been with 15-year-old Bria Parrish and 14-year-old Joshua Dixon, who both live at the same home. But Parrish and Dixon returned and were removed from the missing person’s list. And Kubinski added Rundell returned with Parrish Monday morning to get the rest of her things before leaving in a black SUV.

“I can’t do nothing and nobody else will help me,” Kubinski stressed. “So, maybe this will get some help from DJJ if I make them look bad on TV. DFACS don’t help neither.”

While Kubinski looks to the system for help, Kambria’s biological mother, Courtney Rundell, hit the streets, passing out flyers, looking for her daughter in hopes of finding her outside of law enforcement.

“It’s a cold, cold, cold world out here and she don’t need to be out here alone,” she said.

Rundell told us she last saw her daughter, who is a student at Butler High School, August 13 at Carrie J. Mays Park at 10:30 at night.

“I asked her why she was there so late and she said it’s because that lady put her out,” the biological mother stated. “The lady locked them out the house and they do it quite frequently. They call her out her name, so I know my baby’s scared to go back.”

Rundell added that her daughter does not want people to call the police because they will return her to the Bell Drive home, which is why she placed her number on her own flyer.

Kubinski, who’s calling out to DJJ and DFACS for help, said she’s hoping a judge will allow her to surrender the child.

“Since mine was 10, she’s been in and out of courts and they’ve done nothing, nothing but send her back home with me, ankle bracelet, probation, slap on the hand. They don’t do anything for children at all until they’re 17 or 18 and commit a crime. Then they’ll collect them,” Kubinski said.

Photojournalist: Gary Hipps

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