AUGUSTA, Ga (WJBF)- “What are the biggest thing is we get a chance to finish A game that was interrupted because of some unfortunate accident “ said  Michael Youngblood, Thomson High School head football coach.

It’s an anticipated game against Laney and Thomson high school, both teams are finishing up where they left off in September, after the game was interrupted by gunfire.

Panicked fans left the Lucy Laney stadium in a frenzy, but, weeks later came back ready to finish what was started.

“Feeling pretty good about how the kids been working this week we’ve just been trying to stay focus on the task at hand try to get healthy at the same time the kids are bought into the program Paul into what it takes to win a football game so we just try to keep things going “ said Ronnie Baker, Laney High School head football coach.

The night air is filled with excitement and cheer.. unlike the first game which was halted in the third quarter with six minutes to go due to the sounds of gunshots and people running for cover.

After re-starting the clock on Friday, the game was finally completed with Thomson defeating Laney 15-14.

Both coaches say, even though the teams are finishing the game because of uncertain circumstances they believe both of their  players prepared well for this game.

“They are undefeated in the region and we’re undefeated in the region and you know the winner of these really controls they’re all destiny and the biggest thing from this it’s just making sure we go out and play the best that we can “ said Youngblood.

“ We just try to keep it even keel because you know in the situations Being a short game in on your bye week and so many things going on rumors going around in the area just try to stay focused and try to keep the kids focus on the task at hand “ said Baker.