Two blocks of Riverwalk in line for maintenance


AUGUSTA,Ga (WJBF) Riverwalk is going to get a little bit of work but not all that’s needed.

Commissioners approved doing maintenance at the park but only between 8th and 10 streets.

Last week park officials estimated to work on the entire park would cost more than 330 thousand dollars.

City leaders say they want to focus the work on just one section of the park and by using the existing Parks Department budget.

” I think it’s fine to focus on a couple blocks at a time as long as we keep moving and cover the entire Riverwalk a some point in the near future,” said Commissioner Mary Davis.

“But the areas we don’t hit do they get worse and worse?”

“I hope not I hope we get better with a  normal maintenance plan for the entire Riverwalk and that’s what we’ll focus on,” said Davis.

Recreation officials told commissioners they don’t have an estimate of the cost of doing maintenance only between 8th and tenth streets

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