AUGUSTA (WJBF) – The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) would like to remind Augusta Regional Airport (AGS) passengers to expect higher than usual passenger volumes over the coming weekend (April 8-11) as travelers return home from the 2022 PGA Masters at the Augusta National Golf Club.

TSA, the airport and airlines have worked together over the past few months to prepare for the busy travel period, which will see the heaviest volume Monday, April 11. Additional TSA officers and canines will be on hand Monday to assist with the screening of passengers and luggage.

Passengers are urged to arrive at the airport at least two hours prior to their scheduled departure time for flights throughout the weekend.

In the days immediately after the championship, TSA also sees a large increase in baggage and golf bags. Often, golf bags have to be opened and screened by hand, which can cause delays.

Passengers traveling with golf bags can help expedite the process by removing prohibited items from their bags and allowing additional time for screening of these items. Those carrying golf items should also ensure the items being checked are clean, as environmental debris/residue can trigger alarms, delaying the screening process.