TSA officers report increase in rate of firearms discovered at Georgia Airports


Augusta- A report from TSA shows the rate at which firearms were found last year at Georgia’s airports doubled over previous years but that isn’t the whole story.

Fewer passengers meant that the rate of discoveries went up, while the actual number of weapons found dropped.

All told more than 230 weapons were found in luggage in Georgia airports last year.
That’s a large decrease from the year before.

In 2019, more than 300 weapons were discovered at Atlanta’s Harstfield-Jackson airport.
That same year, 11 weapons were reported at Augusta regional.

“Last year there were days in the beginning of the pandemic where nationwide we only screened 87 thousand people so to give you context on that in 2019 there were days where we were screening 2.7 million,” said Mark hallow, transportation security administration, Augusta regional.

Tsa officers across the country discovered firearms in carry-on luggage at a rate twice as high as in 2019 and the highest rate since the agency’s establishment.

“We had a lot less business travelers in 2020 and a lot more new inexperienced travelers flying during the year taking advantage of those lower fares when they saw them pop up at the airlines, so the passenger profile I think has a lot to do with this and just the number of guns there are a lot more guns a lot more gun carriers now,” said Hallow.

Tsa screened approximately 11.34 million departing travelers at georgia airports, that’s a firearm for one in every 41 thousand travelers.

“People get use to carrying them with them everyday and you’ve gotta change that behavior on days that you’re traveling and make sure you take those things out of your bag and move them to the check bag if you’re deciding to travel,” said Hallow.

You are allowed to travel with firearms but there is a proper way to go about that. Mr. Hallow breaks it down below.

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