CSRA (WJBF) – Severe rain across the CSRA has caused flooding and a number of delays and damages.

Because of the rain and flooding at some schools in Richmond County, there will be early dismissal today and school will be closed Friday. Teachers are to report to work tomorrow.

And in Washington County, Sandersville received a heavy torrent this morning, causing major flooding. It’s so bad there that all of the county schools had to close for the day.

NewsChannel 6’s Jenna Kelley reports that cars were struggling to get through. On her way to Sandersville, it was extremely dangerous, pouring rain. Georgia Department of Transportation says this flood put a damper on today but they’re helping save lives.

“We’ll be out here as long as it is a danger to the public, however long it takes. Eventually the water will recede down. Make sure no cross drains make it stop the drain down faster that will slow it down. Basically we are protecting everyone that’s coming through here,” said Charles Bloodsaw with GDOT.

They say they’ve helped not just locals, but many people traveling who aren’t familiar with the area.

We’ve also seen flooding in downtown Augusta and in the medical district. Several people were trapped in their cars from the flood waters.

NewsChannel 6’s Chloe Salsameda reports that the flooding heavily impacted those who work and go to school in the area. The area has seen major traffic delays and several cars trapped in flood waters. Numerous drivers needed some assistance because their cars got flooded.

People who work in the medical district say the roads were fine this morning when they got to work. But around 9 a.m., the rain picked up and the water started rising.

She spoke to some medical students who say their classes were cut short and they were sent home. They had to walk through the flood waters just to get home.

“Most of us rely on the shuttles to get in between campuses. They’re completely shut down from all the flooding,” said Ashley Freitag, a student at Augusta University.

Not far from Laney Walker, parts of Greene Street were dealing with the same thing.

In neighboring Columbia County, crews are dealing with flood waters as well.

Grovetown got hit especially hard. Lots of water moving fast over the road, making it impassable.

“I suspected this was gonna happen today. It’s the third time it’s happened and I suspected watching the weather forecast it was gonna be this bad. It’s progressively getting worse. The more they are building on Lewiston Road, the worse the flooding is getting,” said Andrew Morse, resident of Grovetown.

NewsChannel 6’s Shawn Cabbagestalk reports that in North Augusta, some good Samaritans came to the rescue of others helping to get flooded cars to dry land.

And folks in Jefferson County are doing all they can to clean up the mess they’ve been left with. Wrens Fire Rescue reports that many homes have been flooded. We’re told the American Red Cross is on the scene assisting these families in need.

Count on NewsChannel 6 for more updates on flood clean-up across the CSRA, today.


Original article below:

Cobbham Road near Jacqueline Drive is completely blocked. A detour is in place.

A tree has fallen across an Aiken County Roadway.

The call came in around 7:15 Thursday morning.

It’s blocking Silver Bluff Road near Atomic Road. Motorists should find an alternate route.

TJ Elder Middle School in Sandersville, Ga is closed. Officials say the school is underwater.

An accident in Columbia county has one lane blocked. That’s at Belair Road near Ridge Trail.

All in person classes in Washington County, Ga, are canceled due to flooding. Per their Facebook page: If you have already dropped your child off, they can stay at the school. If you have the ability to login to Google classroom please do so. If you have any questions please contact your individual schools.

Washington County, Ga

Several roads in Jefferson County, Ga are flooded.

  • Per GDOT Hwy 88 West near Amelia Lane- Both sides are under water
  • Areas of Campground Road between U.S. 1 and Kings Mill Road is under water.

In Columbia County: Ray Owens Rd near Yelton Rd is down to one lane due to flooding.

Deputies are currently at Horizon South at John Huffman road, in an effort to slow down traffic in the area. That’s near Augusta Tech and John Deer.

The road is passable. Also a couple of trees are currently being removed on the west end of the county on Flynt road at Old Appling road.