TRENTON, S.C. (WJBF) — If Trenton, South Carolina, were a family, then Ike Carpenter would be its cousin — with the colorful stories, infectious laugh, and vast knowledge of being outdoors.

“See the circles, Carpenter asked NewsChannel 6’s Aiken Bureau Chief Shawn Cabbagestalk. “This grew more toward the east than it did toward the west. That’s what I’m looking for in wood when I’m ready,” he added.

Making wood carvings have been in his family for generations. He’s known as “The Spoon Man.” His man cave in Trenton displays his work.

Carpenter’s pieces are a common sight at the Trenton Peach Festival. He’s been a grand marshal and organized the parade for years. “You rarely get to see your parade because you, you tail end of it,” he shared. “So, I went around town in my truck after the last float, left the church, and I went around town parked, and walked up. So, I could see the whole parade as it went by, right in front of the post office,” he added.

His memories are plenty —- including one with a South Carolina senator. “Senator Thurman decides to load his kids up on a Shriner 40 and eight train. That’s a float that rides people. They just take off,” he said. He was later found. “I’m on the megaphone. I raised my voice a little bit. And I said, Senator Thurmond, please get in your car so we can run the parade. Well, I didn’t let go of the trigger soon enough. And I said damn. That was a mistake. Okay, they gonna want you to edit that out,” he added laughing.

Carpenter also sells country staples at the peach festival. Time is catching up to the festival and that could soon be no more because, he says, young people aren’t sticking around. “Back when we were, my age was in their twenties and stuff, we couldn’t wait to help do something and get it going and have dances and have beauty contests and all that stuff I think you can blame a lot of it on this thing right here. Takes up more time than anything,” Carpenter said.

For now, he and others are making this 50-year anniversary memorable. “This year will kind of tell whether we continue on or not, but we are putting one on and we are hoping it’s gonna be a good one,” he said.

Ike and his partner Angie got engaged during our NewsChannel 6’s Your Hometown broadcast in Trenton on Friday. You know, peaches are king in Trenton, Ike told Shawn his mother taught Angie how to make peach cobbler like her. He says it tastes the same.

Congratulations to them.

Ike didn’t carve the ring!