Trees removed in front of old Aiken Mall on Whiskey Rd.


Crews took down a few dozen trees in front what used to be JC Penney at the old Aiken Mall on Whiskey Rd. Some of you are wondering why so we got you the answer

Aiken County Commissioner Andrew Siders says he got a lot of calls from people who were upset that the trees came down.

He says the reason why the trees were removed is because the developer is pitching this site to potential tenants and they have gotten complaints about visibility. Some have said that it is too hard to see the mall from Whiskey Road.

Trees used to line the entrance at Aiken Mall Drive, but the developer decided they needed to go in order to make the site more appealing to bring retailers back to this side of town.

“I like Augusta, but I would prefer to come here. I have to spend my money. I would prefer to spend it here, says one Aiken woman.

An Aiken teen shares what kind of retailers she hopes return, “more clothes and more shoe shops.”

Siders says the focus now is landing anchor stores. An anchor store is a big name brand that would draw in customers. The smaller retailers will follow a large, popular retailers.

“We have a beautiful book store and we also have Belk, which is also lovely, but we really need more than that,” says one shopper.

There is no set timeline for when the doors will open back up here, but county leaders say the developer is still in the process of pitching the site to potential tenants.

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