Transit changes proposed to make using system easier


AUGUSTA,Ga (WJBF) Bus riders in Augusta could be seeing new routes in the future.

Consultants working for the transit department are proposing two options to improve the system…

The proposals are both designed to make it easier for new riders to get on board and ride the bus.

” They system now is very intimating if you’ve never used it before or ridden it before people who know the system have adapted their lives around it and they’ve been riding for a long time we want to make the system simple enough a new arrival to Augusta can see the system map and say this is something I can understand I’ll give it a try,” says Boris Palchik a consultant working for the Transit Department.

A public meeting was held Tuesday  at Jamestown Community Center to discuss the proposals even though Jamestown is not on a bus line.

There will be another one tomorrow from three to five at the Augusta Richmond County Library which is on a bus line.

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