BARNWELL, S.C. (WJBF)- What would you do for a free car?

Leon Randall and Sierra Mosleye were at B&B ford for nearly three days for the “Touch a Car” contest. Whoever keeps their palm on the car the longest gets to take it home, no strings attached.

Their only relief is a ten minute bathroom break every four hours.

Around 400 people entered a raffle to have the chance to even get in the competition. From there, ten contestant’s names were drawn. But only nine decided to participate.

“I need the car really bad, so I was like, ‘heck yeah’,” Mosley said.

The competition started on Friday evening. On Monday evening two were left. Both final contestants were determined to win.

“I was also in the market of looking for a car because I don’t have one at this time that’s running,” Randall said. “Also the same situation that she said.”

Both say they’ve received lots of support. And both say in the scheme of things, three days of braving the elements isn’t that bad.

“I’m a volunteer firefighter. And I work with DOT and also with Huddle House,” Randall said.

Mosley says she’s doing this for her kids.

“I have three children. Well, one of them passed away, my oldest…She’s seven years old. On the 19th would’ve been her six months of passing away. She passed away from brain cancer,” Mosley said.

She says her car dosen’t have any heat or AC, and she’d be okay riding around like that but she wants better for her kids.

And she says the car’s color, grey, is the color for brain health awareness.

“We both need a car and that’s the whole thing. And that’s what makes it tough about the whole situation,” Mosley said. “But we’re both supporting each other, too.”

In the end, they both won. Mosley’s church ended up teaming together to buy her a new car, and Leon Randall got to take home the Taurus.

A manager at B&B Ford says the dealership is planning on having another Touch a Car contest this winter.