AUGUSTA, Ga. (WJBF) – The family of 17-year-old Cheyenne Grace, killed during a fatal crash while riding a four-wheeler is still seeking answers. NewsChannel 6 with Cheyenne’s mother, who says she wants someone to be held accountable.

“That image is forever in my head. To see her up under that police car like that,” said Dashandra Parks.

Dashandra Parks says her 17-year-old daughter…Cheyenne Grace… was not in the wrong after being struck by a Dodge Challengar on Barton Chapel Rd, and then ran over by a Richmond County Sheriff’s Deputy.

“It’s not my baby fault. Someone hit her, someone hit her and now my baby is gone,” cried Parks.

Gone at just 17-years-old. Those markings from that fatal crash — still sketched in the street. Parks says Cheyenne was no amateur when it came to riding four wheelers.

She says, “She was taught. Four wheelers, motorcycles, we got dirt bikes. My baby was taught how to ride. This not something she was just “oh I’m going to jump on ride this today and go. No.”

And she says Friday night Cheyenne was wearing a helmet, and the ATV had lights on it. The Georgia State Patrol is still investigating what exactly took place, but Parks says people online are condemning her daughter for riding a four-wheeler in the road.

“She was crossing over, but she was sitting in the median waiting for….obeying the traffic rules. She was waiting for this traffic to clear for her to get over. Evidently it wasn’t clear, because she was still sitting right there, and somebody decided to come on round and knock her,” she said.

Parks says whoever was driving that Challenger, just wasn’t paying attention.

“My condolences to the family of Cheynne Grace,” said Augusta Commissioner Alvin Mason.

Augusta Commissioner Alvin Mason visited the memorial made for Cheyenne Monday evening.

“This is part of what I’ve been talking about out here, if you look there’s really no streetlights out here very little lights and I’ve been asking my colleagues…we need to have streetlights out here. We need to light up the place,” said Commissioner Mason.

He says Barton Chapel Road could easily be labeled a death trap and adding speed bumps and other traffic signals could prevent something like this from happening again.

“This is an unfortunate situation that’s, that’s happened here. If there’s anyone to be held accountable, I hope they are held accountable, but the fact of the matter is we need to do something about the lighting out here and we also need to do something about the speed,” said Mason.

According to Georgia law, you are not permitted to operate ATVs or UTVs on public streets.
Georgia State Patrol says a full incident report will be available on Wednesday. We will release that report once we have it.