ST. LOUIS – Mary Ann Shelton’s typical Saturday morning quickly turned into a nightmare.  

Shelton’s day started off normal just like any other on a cold winter morning. She started her car to warm it up and put her seven-year-old service dog Annie in the backseat. When she went back into her house to grab her son, two men stole her car with Annie inside.  

“It’s like losing a loved one,” Shelton said. “I mean having them kidnapped. I mean that’s what they did, they kidnapped my buddy you know.”

The theft happened just after 8:00 a.m. on Saturday morning in the Vandeventer neighborhood.  

Shelton has had Annie, a lab mix, since Annie was a puppy. Shelton had Annie certified as a service animal because of mobility issues.  

“She’s never been a day without me, and I’ve never been a day without her,” Shelton told FOX 2.  

Shelton spent part of Saturday night looking for her dog in the neighborhood.  

“It goes beyond a pet. I’ve had pets, but Annie is different, Annie is totally different.”

Shelton did file a police report with the St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department and is working to find her vehicle and Annie.  

“It’s a relationship I just can’t lose,” Shelton said.