AUGUSTA, Ga. (WJBF) – Voters are turning out in big numbers through three days of early voting for the primary election in Richmond County. Election leaders say, so far, everything is going smoothly.

“They’re wanting to make a difference,” said Travis Doss, Executive Director Board of Elections.

Board of elections director Travis Doss says more people are taking advantage of early voting than in the previous election cycles.

“We saw 311 people, we did another 300 people on Tuesday and were hoping to see thse numbers again. So, it’s been a very good and heavy turnout,” said Doss.

Voter turnout from just the first day of early voting nearly doubled the voter turnout from both the primary elections of 2018 and 2020 combined.”

Doss says, “I think that people are energized and excited about voting again.I think in 2020 people kind of got some voter fatigue. They were kind of tired of all the campaign ads and now I think people are kind of revitalized and want their voices heard.”

But there were some concerns about confusion amongst voters because of the new redistricting lines that were just signed into law by Governor Brian Kemp.

“Precinct cards have gone out, but I have been hearing from candidates who are going out and campaigning, when they’re going out into new neighborhoods, people are like, I don’t vote for you and it’s like yes yes you do now,” he said.

Doss says voting after redistricting causes some confusion, but people who cast their ballots Wednesday evening didn’t have any problems.

“It was very easy, quick, easy. I already knew who my candidates were going to be so it made it even quicker for me,” said voter, Jessie Cunningham.

“It’s going good, it’s going good. I appreciate of the councilmen and everybody that gets these things going,” said Magalene James, another voter.

“Easy, everybody was very welcoming and very informed about the process, and helpful,” said candidate Monique Walker.

Doss says if you are planning to come out for early voting, the best way to avoid hassles is to be prepared.

He says “Get a copy of the sample ballot, you can get a copy on our website, the secretary of state’s website. You can stop by our office, or give us a call. There are also sample ballots at the polling places. Look that over.”

Starting May 14 through May 20th there will be more locations for you to cast your ballot – the Municipal Building, Henry Brigham, Diamond Lakes, and the Warren Road Centers.
And a reminder there is Saturday voting this week and next week.