AIKEN, S.C. (WJBF) – An Aiken County man is being charged with 2 counts of Voyeurism. According to an arrest warrant 68-year-old Rhette Riviere secretly recorded people staying in his rental property.

“They’re horrified, they’re traumatized, they feel violated, they’re seeking counseling,” said Deborah Barbier, a Civil Attorney in Columbia, South Carolina.

“The ultimate betrayal” is what attorney Deborah Barbier is calling these acts. She represents two people who were allegedly being recorded by Rhett Riviere, during their stay at a rental property.

“I’m involved in another civil case and I represent another victim who brought a lawsuit last year and she found out in 2019 that she had been a victim of Mr. Riviere that she had stayed in one of his rental properties and she found out that there were videotapes of her undressing,” said Barbier.

Barbier and two other attorneys representing that victim filed for a motion to examine electronic devices SLED seized from Riviere’s home. Barbier says what they found on those devices was heinous.

“There were thousands of videos, and what we believed many victims. There are videos of people undressing, videos of people having sexual relations, videos of people in the bathroom and there are videos of people who are very young girls,” said Barbier.

Whether or not these videos were shared online is still in question. Barbier tells me 68-year-old Riviere owned several properties throughout Aiken, and a boat, that he would rent out.

She says, “Other people rented them directly through Mr. Riviere, some were referred by realtors. We’re still looking through all of that.”

Barbier says a large amount of footage was found in Riviere’s home, spanning back decades.

“The videos issued today was from 2001 and the videos of my other client was from 2018,” he says.

Now Barbier and her team are looking to get the word out about this case.

They want to hear from anyone who thinks they may have stayed in one of Riviere’s properties.

She says, “We’re trying to identify victims. It’s a very time consuming process. As I said there are a lot of videos but we’re doing everything that we can to make sure anybody that was violated or may have been a victim has the opportunity to be notified.”

Both of Riviere’s bonds were set at $5,000 dollars. A judge told Riviere to surrender his passport and was released without having to pay those bonds. He just had to agree to show up for his court date.

The 2nd Circuit Solicitor’s Office will be prosecuting the case.