The wait is on for new bus shelters for Augusta riders


AUGUSTA,Ga (WJBF) At Mark Moffatt’s bus stop there’s nowhere to sit and leaves provide the only cover over his head.

“Have you ever been standing here Mark and get in the rain caught in a thunderstorm

“Yes,” he said Moffatt.

“No shelter over your head,”

“It’s called an umbrella, he said.

It’s also called a fact of life for many riders who wait to get on the bus; most stops do not have a shelter or a place to sit down.

“There’s not you kind of have to make the best of not having anything to protect you from the elements,” said Victoria Pope.

Now the city worked out a deal with Jacksonville, Florida to take about one hundred of their old bus shelters the city has received about three dozen but their sitting on city property and not at city bus stops.

“We need to put them out I see people still standing I want to know how many we got ready to go how many are put in place where we are with that,” says Commissioner Marion Williams.

“I would love to see them out at the stops it would be a great help,” said Pope.

But before these shelters get on the street they need to be refurbished, the city will go out for bids, then the bus stops need to be prepared for a shelter, it will take time.

We’ve got those with disabilities they have to have access to them we’ve got the have them properly anchored we’ve got to make sure everything about that stop is safe,” says Transit Director Pat Stephens.

So how long before all the Florida shelters are on the street transit officials say be prepared to wait.

“This is going to be a continuous improvement process it’s going to take a few years,” said Stephens.

Stephens says another reason not to rush the placement of the shelters is the transit study is finishing and some routes will change so you don’t want to put a shelter in only to replace it.

Once all the Florida shelters are finally in place nearly half of Augusta’s bus stops will have shelters.

SPLOST dollars approved by voters is covering the costs.

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