Augusta, Ga  (WJBF) When it comes to the Masters Daniel Field and the tournament go way back in fact one of the official Masters movies from the 60’s starts with Arnold Palmer landing his plane here the Masters does mean business, this year way more than last year but this year way less than normal years.

The airport will be the same, but   this year at Daniel Field it won’t look like  Masters. 

“I say probably and I hope I’m wrong but we’ll probably going to have about 20, 25 planes a day at the most out here,” said Daniel Field Airport Manager Becky Shealy.

Neighbors will tell you Daniel Field is normally a lot busier than that Masters Week.

“We average over 100 planes out here a day,” said Shealy.

“So a 75 percent drop off?”

“Yeah absolutely,” said Shealy.

That’s going to hit Daniel Field fuel budget.

And  the  1018 Club  they know about hard hit budgets.

“In general we’re expecting it to be pretty quiet here next week,” said co-owner, Ram Silverman

Its is spring,  you  can see the signs, the Masters is back but not enough of the fans will follow, for this hospitality business.

“The 1018 Club of course will not be open again this year there’s just not enough of our customers who are willing to come and there are very few  tickets on the market the prices are very high and they’re very high because there’s is very little  supply,” said Silverman.

But for Top Golf something is better than nothing  after just getting open last Spring the pandemic shut down what would have been its first Masters

:It’s like an introductory week than traditional it’s exciting to have the Women’s Armature, the Drive Chip and Putt and the tournament next week,  as well as spring break a lot going on in Augusta the next two weeks or so Top Golf is ready to have them,” said Top Golf General Manager Nick Treadway.

Now Airport officials say business will be down at Daniel Field this year  however they also expect interest to pick up as tournament week gets underway in Augusta George Eskola WJBF NewsChannel 6.