The future of cyber security worldwide and in the CSRA

The Means Report: The Future Of Cyber Security Worldwide And In The CSRA graphic
The Means Report: The Future Of Cyber Security Worldwide And In The CSRA graphic

Augusta, GA — Technology has become an essential part of our every day lives. It is not just computers anymore. We are tied together through mobile phones, tablets, even the e-readers we use to catch up with our favorite novel. Technology is all around us, and while it offers convenience there are also risks to our personal information and even national security.

Recently a national intelligence report was released that claimed that the believed Russian hacking for the Democratic National Convention’s servers came direct from the Kremlin. One of Russia’s foremost hacking journalists, Andrei Soldatov, is shedding light on how the Kremlin initiates and contacts hackers — usually from the private sector — to make them at the disposal of the Kremlin and help cover their tracks.

On the heels of national headlines pertaining to hacking possibly having impacted the presidential election, strides are being made right here in the CSRA to thwart future attacks. Georgia Governor Nathan Deal’s State of the State address included big news for Augusta. A 50 million dollar Georgia Cyber Innovation and Training Center will be built next to the future Augusta University Riverfront Campus on the old Golf and Gardens property. This facility, along with Cyber Command at Fort Gordon, is essentially Augusta into the Silicon Valley of the south.

And, as we prepare for cyber expansion in the CSRA, some states already have programs that are helping college students and veterans get their foot in the door when it comes to technology. One of those schools is the University of New Haven, where students experience lessons that come from real world computer and cyber experience.

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