The Aiken Jaycee’s Christmas Parade does not lack culture this holiday season


AIKEN, S.C. (WJBF)– “We need to recognize all of these cultures that come together, and what better event than a Christmas Parade,” Ed Mann ,who was in the parade, told me.

Mann walked in the Aiken Jaycees Christmas Parade with St. Andrew’s Society, a nationwide organization that celebrates Scottish culture. He came dressed the part.

He told me the society walks in the parade every year, “We just promote Scottish heritage and the fun things of Scotland.”

Aiken County’s NAACP Youth group took part in the fun, too. The organization’s president, Robert Morris explained what the society stands for.

“We don’t just represent African Americans. We welcome people of all color,” Morris said. “We just had a president in the adult branch who was white, and he was just as good as the other presidents.”

Morris told me Christmas is more than receiving: Aiken’s NAACP youth have already started giving back this holiday season. The kids volunteered by ringing bells for Salvation Army Saturday: “Even if one person gives back, it’s more than no one giving back,” He explained.

Two brothers watch the Aiken Christmas parade every year and find a new favorite part each December.

“I have a baby brother, and he likes to watch all the cars, Santa Clause,” Chandler McDonald said. “We were hoping for candy this year, but they didn’t throw out any. I guess it was a hazard. But it’s nice to see all the nice cars and cheerleaders,” Supreme McDonald told me.

Mann believes Aiken’s parade is more than just a fun time. He told me there is just something special about the community coming together this time of the year: “The equine community is very important to Aiken,” Mann said. “We just appreciate everyone who has come to Aiken to celebrate the history here.”

If you are looking for a Christmas parade to attend, North Augusta is hosting theirs on December 10th.

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