AUGUSTA, Ga. (WJBF) – Representative Mark Newton says the six week ban is a compromise between people who are pro choice and those who are pro life. He shared his thoughts on the ruling with NewsChannel 6.

“At the detection of a heartbeat which is also about the same time brain waves become detectable, that’s a unique individual that deserves the protection of life,” said Rep. Newton, Ga House Dis. 123.

And Representative Mark Newton believes the new heartbeat bill is doing just that protecting those who can’t protect themselves.

“When there is a heartbeat present when there are brain waves present that’s our definition of life and the decision in Georgia and I think most Georgians agree with this is that that’s the point when we want to recognize the humanity,” said Rep. Newton.

The 11th Judicial Circuit ruled Wednesday that abortion will no longer be an option for Georgia women at six weeks of pregnancy. Exceptions include rape, incest, and health issues.

“What I do with my body is my business and for any other female, they should feel the same way,” said Charlotte Bryant, an Augusta resident.

“It’s pretty much dictating what you can and cannot do and that’s not what we’re about,” said Mike Kent
an Augusta resident.

“It is a challenging, incredibly challenging situation for an unplanned or an unwanted pregnancy and we think that is certainly we want to take care of as best we can, but not at the expense of ending the life.” Rep. Newton.

Representative Newton says this bill is a compromise

“We have protection if the life of the mother is at serious threat. We have situations with heinous crimes where we’ve made some exceptions, with medical futility where we’ve made some adjustments, that everybody is not happy about,” said Rep. Newton

“There was a saying awhile back about making abortions legal but rare and believe it or not abortions are still legal in Georgia up until there is a detectable heartbeat.”

That bill takes effect immediately.