Augusta, Ga (WJBF) – Testimony has ended on the first day of the trial of Sammie Sias as the Federal Courthouse in August.

Sias is facing charges of destruction of evidence, about sales tax spending at Jamestown Community Center.

Then lying to the FBI about destroying those documents. In the opening statement, U.S. Attorney Patricia Rhodes said in 2014, Sias as the head of Jamestown, received $150,000 in sales tax funds for projects at the community center. 

But in 2019, the FBI was alerted that funds were being misappropriated. 

According to Rhodes opening statement, Sias was served with an FBI subpoena on August 5th. 

But two hours after receiving it hundreds of documents were deleted from Sias’ laptop.

The jury consists of eight women and five men. Twelve will decide the case and one serves as an alternate.

Its important to remember, Sias is not accused of any financial crimes involving SPLOST dollars at Jamestown. He’s accused of destroying evidence and then lying to investigators.

Neither U.S. attorney or Sias were willing to comment on the day’s proceedings.