Tenn. School paints bathroom mirrors due to tardiness


TENNESSEE (CNN) – A Tennessee high school painted over its bathroom mirrors last week… because so many students were late to class.

But some students,and their parents, have complained.

The paint was removed almost immediately…but the bad feelings remain.

“That’s how I found out about it, my sister sending pictures to my mom, and my mom saying this is crazy.”

Shelby Campbell is upset that her former high school painted the bathrooms mirrors so they couldn’t be used.

Turns out…others agreed.

More than 600 people shared Campbell’s post about central high’s decision.

The Hamilton County School District says an administrator at Central High told a worker to paint the mirrors.

The school district won’t say who that administrator or staff member is.

The district says the school did this because students spend too much time in the bathroom rather than in class.

“Especially girls, it was both the girls and the boys bathrooms but especially girls, being able to walk in and make sure nothing is in your teeth or make sure your hair isn’t crazy, so you can walk out confidently because there’s already so much going on with bullying and self image problems in high school,” said Campbell.

Campbell says her mom filed a formal complaint with the district Friday.

She says the principal left a school wide voicemail just hours later apologizing for their decision.

Plus this email saying quote there was an issue about some mirrors being covered and those have been corrected.

“If they just enforced the rules they already had this issue wouldn’t have occurred.”

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