AUGUSTA, Ga (WJBF)- The 10th Annual TechNet Convention starts today in Augusta. This week, military and tech leaders will come together to discuss the latest innovations and technologies in cyber security.

Conventions like this one are important for leaders. It allows then to stay up to date on these technologies to better protect the public.

Through speakers and an exhibition, business, military, government, and educational leaders will learn more about the newest cyber technology. They will discuss national security challenges in the cyber domain and how to use new technology to enable a “data-centric Army,” which is the theme of the convention.

“We live in a digital age. And so information is extremely powerful. To collect that information and move it around, make decisions on it, and engage with our weapons systems very quickly, is a very important aspect of military capabilities, specifically for our land forces,” explained retired Brigadier General Paul Fredenburgh, with the Armed Forces Communications & Electronics Association.

Fredenburgh said this convention is about networking and education. And military leaders say the future of warfare is cyber warfare and the U.S. has to be ready for anything.

“We must leverage this- technological advancements to our advantage, so that our army maintains its competitive advantage across the globe. Integrating technologies to enable more rapid decision making, the ability to see and understand faster, to act inside of our adversaries decision cycles,” said Fredenburgh.

TechNet Augusta starts Monday at 9 a.m. at the Augusta Marriott Convention Center and ends on Thursday.

It is open to the public. CLICK HERE to register.