AUGUSTA, Ga. (WJBF) – A local restaurant is serving hot meals to people in need this Thanksgiving.

It was all hands on deck at TBonz, where volunteers were busy at work feeding the community on Thursday.

Boxes and boxes full of yummy Thanksgiving favorites, freshly prepared by loving hands.

“We actually started doing this when me and my brother who’s one of the founders of T-Bonz – him and Mark Cummings,” says Henry Scheer, owner of TBonz. “We were in Savannah just with our mother, having Thanksgiving dinner and we saw someone on TV doing the same thing in Savannah and we thought, we said, ‘God, that’s so neat. We should do it!’”

Thirty years ago, TBonz began devoting Thanksgiving day to feeding local children in need.

“We saw some of the kids, little, grow up and have kids of their own coming back,” says Scheer.

Today, they help feed children and their families at Children’s Hospital of Georgia.

“If we can bring a little bit of joy and bring a meal to these kids,” says Kim Allen, manager of Child and Adolescent Life at Children’s Hospital of Georgia. “And I assume you’ve seen the artwork on the top of things…just to show them that and they get so excited and they’re like, ‘Oh, look how cute the turkey is!’”.

When COVID hit, Henry says he realized local law enforcement was in need of a meal on Thanksgiving day.

And Henry didn’t hesitate to meet their needs.

The restaurant now also donates plates to local on-duty law enforcement in need of a warm plate.

And as for the fire crews being called over just a few nights ago…

“We were back open in two days,” says Scheer. “And when we could joke…when we saw it wasn’t that serious, when we saw the fire department, we said ‘Y’all are early!’”

Henry says he’s grateful for the many volunteers who show up every year. 

“I think everybody needs wins in their lives. And we like having the wins.” 

And for one restaurant founder who couldn’t make it this year…

“I just want to say ‘Hey, Mark!’” said Scheer.

Many smiles were had and, certainly, many bellies will be full.