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Augusta, GA (WJBF) – NewsChannel 6 is continuing to follow a deadly crash that happened last week in Swainsboro. One person was killed and four others were hurt when a man crashed his car into the Taco Bell. All of the victims were from the same family. Two are still hospitalized.

NewsChannel 6s Derrikia Young spoke exclusively with the family.

We spoke with the father and grandmother of the 7-year-old boy that in critical condition at Children’s Hospital of Georgia, they told me that it feels like that are in a never ending nightmare.

“This is the most tragic event that has ever occurred in my life, um.. I thought I was going to lose him,” said Trent Kersey, Victim’s father.

Trent Kersey is a deputy with the Emanuel County Sheriff’s Office. He’s used to calls on his radio about car wrecks. But last week was different. Police say 18-year-old Oliver Cope drove his car through this Taco Bell in Swainsboro. 23-year-old Macy Mullis was killed. And Trent’s wife, their two kids, and his stepfather were hurt.

“I was traveling home in my patrol unit and I heard the call go out for service at the taco bell in reference to a car going through the window..,” said Trent Kersey, Victim’s father.

“And a child was pinned under the car, little did I know it was my grandson,” said Anita Hood, Grandmother to victim.

Kersey typically works at Emanuel County Institute and rarely answers service calls. But on this day, he did. While he was on the way, he got the call from his wife that their 7-year-old son, Ike, was seriously hurt.

“I hear thing daily but as of the past few years I haven’t taken many service calls it just happen to be that one that day that happened to be my family,” said Trent Kersey, Victim’s father.

Kersey says he and Ike had plans to go to soccer practice that day, but they never made it there.

“It’s one of those things that happens, not likely in a small town but small towns aren’t off the radar, you know anything can happen at anytime at any town,” said Trent Kersey, Victim’s father.

Trents son, Ike, along with his stepfather, Javier, are still in the hospital with severe injuries. But they’re expected to be okay.

“This is just day five and it seems like it has gone on for an eternity actually already. It is like living in a dream that you are trying to get out of but you cant, it’s just been really hard, I’m sorry,” said Anita Hood, Grandmother to victim.

“Just hold your family tight because it can happen to anybody at anytime.. just love them and pray,” said Trent Kersey, Victim’s father.

Trent’s wife and his other son were also hurt in that wreck, but they were released from the hospital Friday.

The suspect, Oliver Cope, is facing several charges including murder. He’s being held without bond.

There is a website where you can donate to the victims, here.

If you are located in the Swainsboro area, you can can go to two locations:

  • The Emanuel County Police Department
  • The Spivey Bank in Swainsboro

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