AUGUSTA, Ga (WJBF)- The Swainsboro Police Department is making an effort to bless children this holiday season with its annual ‘shop with a cop’

Kids are paired up with an officer to experience a personal shopping spree for Christmas.

“ each child is $100 and a spirit up with an officer and goes in and makes their selection some children will go straight to the bikes and it will be a 5 to 10 minute process and other kids will go get 75 matchbox cards” said Chief Randy Ellison Swainsboro Police Department.

Officers across the CSRA joined in on the fun adventure. Chief Ellison says no matter how many toys the kids buy, the goal is to make them happy.

“ we want to see these children get something really special for Christmas Plus just the experience of being able to ride in that police car and interact with an officer as they go through the shopping event today and it’s just a wonderful exchange vote for the officer and the child”

Nikita: As kids walked through the doors of Walmart ready to shop, it gives them the opportunity to look forward to yet, another Christmas.

“ well we just feel like as a law enforcement agency we get an opportunity to spend some time with these families and children  They may otherwise it may not have been interactive with law-enforcement before” said Ellison