AUGUSTA, GA. (WJBF)- Polling sites opened up in one local county Sunday morning, giving a chance for people to get their votes in early ahead of the Georgia runoff election.

“If you can get out and stand in line and wait to get in the club, you can stand in line to make a change for your life,” local voter Deroy Bealle said.

With just over one week until runoff election day, in Georgia, people are out at the polls making sure their vote is in. 

“When you’re talking about the grass roots, the local elections– those are the people that you can really have a lot of effect on and if you want things to be different, then it’s important for you to get out there and vote,” local voter Michelle Bealle said.

People say they’re voting for one reason. 

“I wanna be sure to vote for the candidate of my choice,” local voter Charles Thompson said.

And some are glad to have another day where they get to vote.

“I figured the lines wouldn’t be as long– then wait til December the 6th to come out here and vote and you can see all… the line probably out there sticking into the highway somewhere,” local voter Mack Tuck said.

Four locations in the Richmond County area opened up for early runoff voting including the Municipal Building, Henry Brigham, Warren Road and Robert Howard Community Centers.

“We just left church to come out here and vote,” Tuck said. 

“I’m not working, so I figured it would be the best time for me to come out and vote to make sure I get my vote in,” Thompson said.

People feel they need to do their job voting, so elected officials can do theirs.

“If you vote, maybe change will come,” Tuck said.

Early voting continues until Friday. The runoff election takes place on Tuesday December 6th.