Summer preparations for your vehicle


AUGUSTA, GA (WJBF) – Summer is here and kids are out of school which usually means vacation. We’re pretty sure you’re ready, but what about your car?

C&C Automotive works on all vehicles from maintenance to repair but the president of the company says the maintenance side of it, prevents the repairs from happening.

“In order to get your car road ready, if you’re experienced with a vehicle and you feel like you can do the checks yourself.. just set aside a couple of hours to go through a checklist, don’t just depend on memory,” said Aaron Clements – President of C&C Automotive

But if you’re not experienced, Aaron Clements of C&C also shared some tips that could help.

“Things like tires, for instance if you’re checking the tires yourself you don’t wanna just look at the outside. You may have the outer part of the tire look really good, the first half of it, the inside might be completely gone,” said Aaron Clements – President of C&C Automotive

Aaron Clements of C&C automotive says a quick check on your tires before you head out, use a quarter to check your tire. If you can see the top of George Washington’s head, you may want to see your nearby professional to get you tires checked, because they maybe reaching their wear limits

“If you plan to take it somewhere, before taking it ride the car and cut the radio off for a few minutes and just listen to the car it’ll tell you lot of things if you listen,” said Aaron Clements – President of C&C Automotive


Like listening for brake noises, air noise,power steering noises, or any type of grinding that could be going on could be signs that your vehicle is NOT ready to drive a long and hot distance. so that way when you do got into an auto shop they can look at those specific areas a little closer.

“And just pay attention to those little signs that your cars can give you without even say a word,” said Aaron Clements – President of C&C Automotive.

Below is a vehicle checklist for you to refer to:

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