Students Weigh in on Medical Center Name Change


Augusta, GA (WJBF — Georgia Regents Health announced Wednesday morning that University President and Health System CEO Brooks Keel is asking the board of directors to rename GR Health to Augusta University Health.

Georgia Regents Medical Center would be Augusta University Medical Center.

Georgia Regents Medical Associates would be AU Medical Associates.

The Children’s Hospital of Georgia would keep its name.

There have been a lot of names for the consolidated universities:

Augusta College, Augusta State, the Medical College of Georgia, Georgia Health Sciences University and Georgia Regents University.

Now it’s all Augusta University.

The name changes are expected, but students hope the changes will be the last.

It’s the end of the “Georgia Regents” name in the Garden City, as “Augusta University” will be the official name of the school, the hospital and the health system.

“It’s a nice name. I know it makes the community happy,” AU Freshman Paten Weinman said.

“Georgia Regents seems kind of seems a little nebulous, but I think Augusta University reflects that we’re here training students in all different kinds of fields and trying to get some medical professionals to serve the area better,” AU Medical Student Vijay Venkatesan said.

School officials say the name changes reflect how important the city is to the university.

They hope Augusta University will be a destination campus for medicine, computer science and cyber security.

“Not being from the community, it’s hard to understand because I’m not from here. It’s not something I’ve dealt with for so many years like the people who live here have, but it is a lot of money so hopefully they’re not going to be changing it too many more times,” Weinman said.

“Just as long as they stick to the name, and I think they’ll stick with this one, AU. I think they’ll stick with it and it will be fine. We won’t need to worry about anything going forward,” Venkatesan said.

School leaders wanted the university and the health system to be aligned under a single brand.

“Having it all AU is good. You either want it all GR Health or all GR, or all AU and they’re doing all AU and that makes sense to me,” Venkatesan said.

As we wait for the signs to change around town, students are looking forward to the unveiling of the new logo on Thursday.

“I’ll probably pick up some new gear from the school. I don’t have any yet, so it’s a good thing I didn’t buy any Georgia Regents gear,” Weinman said.

More information about the health system’s name change will be available February 4th.

Meanwhile, all “Georgia Regents” merchandise is currently on sale across the campus.

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