Students can now retake parts of the ACT instead of the entire test


(CNN) – For students who’ve taken the ACT college entrance exam but still want to boost their score now, they’ll be able to retake just a section instead of the entire thing.

But critics worry this will give those who can afford to retake certain sections an advantage over those who can’t.

The price for a section re-test hasn’t been set yet — but the folks at ACT say it will be cheaper than retaking the whole thing.

So just how much can a retake boost your score?

ACT research from 2016 showed that people who took the test again scored an average of nearly three points higher than those who didn’t.

There are a couple other changes as well, students will be able to take the ACT online at some test centers now and get their score in just 2 days– instead of worrying over it for weeks.

There will also be a “superscore” for students who’ve taken the exam more than once, giving colleges the option to use the student’s best scores from all the tests they’ve taken.

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