Student athletes face charges after fight on public property


EVANS, Ga. (WJBF) – A battle in one Columbia County Park resulted in charges for five people.  While fights happen all the time, especially between students, this time law enforcement is responding because of the location of the brawl.

A fight video played on cell phones, tablets and computers around the CSRA so much that Columbia County Sheriff’s Office had no choice but to see it too.

“A report was filed from one of the active participants in this brawl so we continued this investigation,” Major Steve Morris, Columbia County Sheriff’s Office PIO told NewsChannel 6.

That brawl happened Wednesday at Patriots Park in Evans.

But it was 17-year-old Daeshawn Osborne, of Grovetown, who told on himself after he claims someone from the fight threatened to kill him.  Osborne can be seen on the video towering over another young man, clinching his t-shirt.

Major Morris issued an incident report filed by Osborne Thursday.  In that report, he states he and four other men were involved in a mutual fight at Patriots Park.  However, while working his job at Burger King on Belair Road, Osborne said two men walked in, asked for him and left.  Later, he claimed he received a phone call from one of the men in the fight with who he believes were the two men who came into his job looking for him.  He said he heard them state, “What should we do?” and “Kill them.”

Since that fight occurred on public property, Major Morris said the Sheriff’s Office took action.

“Filed charges against five people so far,” he said.

All five men from Columbia County in the park that day are being charged with disorderly conduct. The men, mostly students, are seen swinging on each other, but no one was seriously injured.

“We are not going to tolerate anything like this that takes place in a public place,” Major Morris said.

The fight happened in the area between the tennis courts and the baseball field. The reason Major Morris said fighting on public property gets you a charge is because it could have been a lot worse.

“To our knowledge there were not too many people at the park at that time, but had there been it could have been a real issue and certainly could have been an issue if weapons had been introduced,” he said.

Some of the students pounding in the parking lot are athletes in Columbia County Schools. Osborne, the young man who was towering over another man clinching his t-shirt is #74 on the Evans High School football team.

Two students charged are Grovetown High School football players.  One is #40 Chicago Certain and #61 Dejon Parker. They all met at the park to battle for one reason.

“It was over some girls. It started over girls,” Major Morris said.

NewsChannel 6 spoke with Assistant Superintendent of Student Support Penny Jackson as to whether the student athletes will be reprimanded by the district.  Jackson said the matter is between the students and the Sheriff’s Office.

These are misdemeanor charges for the students all being charged as adults, but there is a fine line like the extent of injuries and the possibility of a weapon that could have caused the Sheriff’s Office to hand out felonies.

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