Storm Damage Process For Recovery


Augusta, GA (WJBF) – Many people in the CSRA had no clue what to do or who to call, NewsChannel 6 helped to get those answers step by step.

After the storm damage from last week, many homes in Augusta were torn apart from large trees, and even flooding. When we spoke with a renter affected by the storm, they say this has never happened to them before. She had never been through a situation as major as a tree falling through her home or had the slightest idea who she could call.

“It’s just really been stressful, just really trying to find somewhere to stay,” said Wanda Johnson, displaced by storm.

Wanda Johnson has been renting the home on Beman Street for three years. She says she never imagined something like this happening to her and her family.

“Hopefully we can try to get the most valuable things out of the house to somewhere new I guess,” said Jeffery Manefee, Displaced by storm.

“Well really I didn’t know what to do, I was just shocked when I got the phone call. I really thought I was a little small.. I didn’t know it would be this big that we lost everything,” said Wanda Johnson, displaced by storm.

Wanda’s son, Jeffrey was trapped inside the home a tree fell on the roof. He was able to get out safely. And nobody was hurt. But, now Wanda and her son are left staying with family. The owner of this home is left with a big mess to clean up.

“What happens is they would call us and we would guide them through that process, well what you would do is try to secure the home from further damage,” said Preston Moss, President of Blanchard and Calhoun Insurance.

Insurance Agent President, Preston Loss says flooding wouldn’t be covered, unless you buy a separate flood policy through the federal flood insurance program.

He also adds if your tree falls on your neighbor’s house, you could end up paying for it.

“Basically on a wind storm claim if a tree from a neighbors yard comes down on your house it’s your responsibility for the results in damage not the neighbors who’s had their tree in your yard unless the tree is dead and the neighbor knew it,” said Preston Moss, President of Blanchard and Calhoun Insurance.

Things that are good to know if you’re ever in this situation. But a lesson this family is having to learn as they go.

“As a family I mean everything’s kinda rocky so it’s a really not too much talking, its a loss,” said Jeffery Manefee, Displaced by storm.

“I mean if you see trees hanging over your house of something like that, please just try to get them cut down because it’s stressful. When something like this fall and you lose everything then you have one of your sons trapped in there trying to get them out, its stressful,” said Wanda Johnson, displaced by storm.

Insurance companies also advise you to be patient as the demand over the past week has be in high. As for Wanda and her son, they are hoping to find a new place to stay within a week.

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