Augusta, GA (WJBF) – All public schools in Georgia will be granted 12 “Stop the Bleed” kits that will faculty and staff in how to render immediate medical aid until professional responders arrive.

“Stop the Bleed” is becoming nation wide along with the slogan “if you see something, do something”.

The Doctors Hospital Trauma center is going out and making sure that the public knows how to stop the bleeding at the scene of a traumatic incident until first responders arrive.

“We know that seconds count, its been proven over and over in these situations that seconds count before a medical emergency personnel can get to you so anything that we can do to help out someone who is injured would be great,” said Les Walden, Head of School at Augusta Christian Schools.

This program came about due to the number of mass shootings at schools across the nation, in the past and the need to prepare just in case a local school becomes a target.

“We saw yesterday the church in TN, that had an active shooting situation in that time alot of damage can happen to someone body through bleeding and things like that so these kits will help us to be able to implement life saving measure immediately,” said Les Walden, Head of School at Augusta Christian Schools.

“Anybody that feels like they need bleeding control training or they feel like they could be a center that could be at risk we are all in the region happy to provide that we have an EMS coordinator that’s actually been going to churches already and been doing some stop the bleed training and how to purchase the kits and so forth,” Anastasia Hartigan, VP of Trauma Services at Doctors Hospital.

Unlike public schools, who will get funding from the state for the kits– community centers, churches, and even private schools will have to pay for the kits. Places like Augusta Christian School say they have already put aside a budget for safety.

“We do have a safety and line item for our budget each year at Augusta Christian, again anything we can do to help someone in a medical situation or emergency is of utmost importance to us especially with these students and staff and visitors to our campus,” said Les Walden, Head of School at Augusta Christian Schools.

Healthcare providers like physicians, EMT’s and paramedics are all approved to teach the “Stop The Bleed” course, click here for more information.