Still few answers on Mayors mall rendering


AUGUSTA,Ga (WJBF) It shows what could be at Regency Mall, a new arena and other developments but weeks after it was presented to commissioners many city leaders don’t know its history.

“No actually I don’t I asked the mayor’s deputy Chief of staff, month and a half ago, he had no clue, he would divulge anything,” said Commissioner Wayne Guilfoyle.

The artistic rendering, was showcased at last month’s commission meeting where city leaders denied Regency Mall as the arena site.

At that meeting Commissioners Dennis Williams asked the Mayor Davis about the drawing, he didn’t get an answer.

“I wanted to know, but somethings you already know,” said Commissioner Dennis Williams.

Do you know who did it now?”

“Now I don’t,” said Williams.

“How much it cost?”

“No,” said the Commissioner.

‘“Who paid for it?”

“No,” Williams said.

At that meeting the mayor told commissioners they had all gotten copies of the rendering by e-mail and if they wanted to know when that occurred well there are steps they could take.

“An open records request can be given to tell you when that was done, that was provided to you several months ago,” the Mayor said on December 19th.

Were you surprised that the Mayor said instead of saying how he came across it to do a freedom of information act for it, telling that to another commissioner?”

“I’m used to that so I’m not surprised,” said Commissioner Ben Hasan.

“I’m always open to being transparent, I’m hoping he’s chooses to do that of course but that’s up to him,” said Mayor Pro Tem Mary Davis.

So who did the rendering arena and at what cost are still questions left over from last year.

“As soon as we get as my Chief of Staff indicated to you, that information we will provide it to you, we’ll make it public,” said Mayor Hardie Davis.

“Money came out of your budget to pay for it?”

“It absolutely did as it should have, there are no problems with that,” said Davis.

We submitted a freedom of information request on December 20th on who did the drawing, and what it cost.

The city Law Department got back to us on December 22 saying it needed 10 more business days to search and compile that information

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