AUGUSTA, Ga. (WJBF) – It was back to work for Augusta voters topping the ticket in the Georgia Senate runoff,  

“It’s my constitutional right. It’s very important to me, and who is going to be representing us is very important to me,” says voter Rosalyn Clark.  

This is an important election, but one with only 6 days of early voting.

There were 18 for the November election.  

Sunday was a late add thanks to a court order. 

“Yesterday, we saw record turnout. We haven’t seen that many people on a single day since 2016. It’s been another steady day today,” says Augusta Elections Director Travis Doss.   

At Warren Road, Congressman Rick Allen was in line voting early due to a work conflict in Washington.

“I’m a day-of voter, which means I mean I vote on the day. Early voting is great when we’re going to be in session. I can’t get back here to vote so it’s a convenience, no doubt about it,” says Congressman Allen. 

Also, somewhat confusing at the Municipal Building, they were voting for the senate run-off, but there was separate early voting for the District 129 Special Democratic Primary, which is on December 20th.

All of this voting costs money, and it’s not in the Elections Office budget. 

“Not only are we having to ask for money for this runoff, but we also have that special primary in House District 129. So, I do have to go before the commission and ask for money for both of those elections because neither one of those elections we budgeted for,” says Doss. 

“How much do you need?  

“Right now, I’m asking for $150,000,” Doss says.  

 So, voting early has costs, but it’s a price worth paying. 

“My mother was a civil rights mover worker. I’ve seen her struggle so I got to come out here and make my vote count,” says Clark. 

Friday is the last day to vote early at least for the Senate race.