ATLANTA, GA (WJBF)– Many Georgia based companies have come under pressure to take a stance after the voting rights law was recently passed.

“We increased access,  and increased voter integrity. I think it is disappointing whether it’s Coke, or Delta, or MLB. They are caving to loud, strident, progressive crowds.” Said Jesse Petrea.

Georgia lost 100-million dollars in tourism revenue after the MLB all star game shifted base from Atlanta to Denver.

“This is not about one party. This is about everyone in GA. These laws affect everyone equally no matter who they vote for or who they support.” Said Jen Jordan.

Democrats say it is retaliation aimed to suppress minority voters since Georgia flipped blue.

“Senate Bill 202 is not just Jim Crow but it is Jim Eagle where we are swooping down to take the voting rights away from people who spoke in November and January.” Said Carl Gilliard (D) State Representative, Savannah.

“Everyday Georgians are the people who lose as a result of SB202. Voting is a lot less convenient than it used to be. Voting was already safe.” Said Teri Anulewicz.

Republicans say it keeps elections safe and restores faith in the voting process.

“Drop boxes were illegal. We only had them because of the emergency order from the Governor and elections board, they would have gone away if they legislature had not acted.” Said Wes Cantrell.

“If you are making it harder to vote, then that is voter suppression.” Said Teri Anulewicz.