AUGUSTA, Ga ( WJBF ) –Taking the  oath of office, to help better a community she has  been a part of since 1997.

“to say that I knew that commissioner was going to be an part of my story I wasn’t really sure about that” said Stacy Pulliam.

Commissioner elect Stacey Pulliam was sworn into office on Monday by a Richmond county judge, standing in front of family, friends and colleagues.

Pulliam says she is ready to serve District 2, bringing attention to many issues in the district.

I see the areas that need attention. The blight, the overgrown lots, the roads that need to be fixed. I will be at the table for you as we discuss and find solutions to more reliable transit systems.”

She says many things she learned as a kid has helped her to better serve her community.

“I learned how to meet people where they were in life I also learned that everything doesn’t require judgement on my part”

But it will also take help from those who live in district 2.

“I need your help district 2 we are a team district 2 we are key players we are VIP we are the goats”

Stacy Pulliam will begin her term on January 3rd, the same day that commissioners Wayne Guilfoyle and Alvin Mason will be sworn in.