“I am looking forward to Mrs. Abrams to be our next Governor of Georgia,” Annette Ponds said.

With less than two months left until the General Election in November, politicians such as Stacey Abrams are making sure they reach as many people as possible.

Many people gathered to see and meet Stacey Abrams in person.

“She has done so much work already, she has put the work in and so I just like what she stands for– I’ve already listened to her platform– she has so many good things that she’s willing to do,” Ponds said.

For many Georgians, it’s a big deal to have a candidate for Governor visit their hometown. 

“With Augusta specifically. So, it was a good chance for her to speak directly to Augusta and talk about how she’s gonna help us and what she’s gonna do as governor,” Erik Zeller said.    

They say some of the issues they hope to be resolved by Georgia’s next Governor are things like gun laws, women’s rights, and others. 

“Her push for Medicaid expansion in the state. I am a physician, so I have seen first-hand the effects of non-insured patients needing care,” Monica Johnson said.

Overall, Abrams was able to hit on all of those points and more. She said that one of her main reasons for running is the children. 

The room was filled with people of all ages, but Abrams was clear about her drive. 

“The young women and young men who were beating those drums and telling us their stories, they are why I am running to be the next governor of the great state of Georgia.”