COLUMBUS, Ga. (WRBL) – Stacey Abrams, the Democratic candidate for Georgia Gov. has been making the rounds across the peach state. The June 4th campaign stop was in downtown Columbus.

Stacey Abrams was the sole candidate on the Democratic ballot for Georgia Gov. in the primary election last month. During a campaign stop at Fourth Street Missionary Baptist Church in Columbus, she urged voters to get out and vote, saying she’s the right candidate to be Georgia’s next Gov.

Abrams is relying on her experience in the private sector to be successful in the public sector.

“We need a governor who actually believes that the entire state deserves success. I want to be that person, and it’s because I know how to do it. We cannot guarantee success for anyone, but the Governor should guarantee access. And I want to create access and opportunity to thrive for every single Georgian in the state.”

Stacey Abrams – (D) Georgia Gubernatorial Candidate

A recent string of mass shootings across our country has renewed debates over gun control. Abrams told residents of Columbus exactly where she stands.

“As the next Gov. of Georgia, I would work to repeal the guns everywhere law, which is the specific law that was passed in 2014. I would repeal criminal carry, which was passed in 2022, and I would do everything in my power to make certain that we improve the background checks in the state of Georgia. We need to close the background check loophole, the domestic violence loophole that lets you terrorize your family better. We need to close and create a red flag loophole that says if you have a red flag, we can help you before you commit an act of violence.”

Stacey Abrams – (D) Georgia Gubernatorial Candidate

Abrams took the time to visit with children in signed books before getting down to the details.

If elected, Abrams is putting Medicaid expansion at the forefront. She also promises to make Georgia’s education a priority by raising teacher pay and making sure students are safe in the classroom at the collegiate level. She honed in on adding need-based scholarships.

Come Nov., Abrams will face incumbent Gov. Brian Kemp in the general election. The two candidates will go head to head once again, as they did in 2018.