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The ketogenic diet. It’s low carb and high fat. Some studies show it can help you lose weight. But can consuming ketone supplements also improve your health? Augusta University researchers are trying to find out.

“I was a size 26, getting ready to to go into a size 28 and I was terrified.”

Ashley Herkel is battling a life long weight problem and this time, she’s winning the war.

“I’m down 106 pounds so far, still have more to go but 106 pounds down.”

Herkel has worked out at Planet Fitness in Martinez for more than a year.

With the help of trainer Rob Strickland, the pounds are melting away.

“She brings people in, she inspires people, her progress has been great and her outlook on her goals and her fitness journey have been awesome as well.”

When Herkel hit a plateau in June, she turned to Ketone supplements to jump start her weight loss. She says this powder mixed in water make her feel better.

“I’m a better mother, I’m a better wife, I’m a better employee, I’m a better friend, just all around a better person.”

Could ketone supplements also make life better for people suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder? A researcher at Augusta University is trying to find out.

Dr. Maleah Holland teaches advanced nutrition classes at AU.

“I’m looking at exogenous ketone supplementation with individuals with PTSD to see if chronic supplementation helps some of their symptoms.”

Symptoms like anxiety, insomnia, blood inflammation and cognitive processing.

Dr Holland first heard about the ketogenic diet while at Auburn University when a doctoral dissertation using lab rats fell into her lab.

“The rats compared to a healthy US diet did so well.  They didn’t have much fat, their liver was healthy, blood serum levels were really healthy…”

So Holland, who had suffered from  Concussion syndrome for a decade, tried the ketogenic diet herself.

“I did and my symptoms went away, my headache went away.  I had so much energy in the evening.”

She’s hoping ketone supplements will someday help countless people, like military men and women who return from war.

If you like to hit the links, Another study at AU  might just be the one for you.

“I am looking to pretty much see how acute and chronic ketone use affects accuracy when middle age adults who are playing golf. To see if it can improve adults golf game.”

More people are needed for both studies. You will be paid for your participation.

Someday, Dr Holland hopes to study the effects of Ketones on children with ADHD.

Would you like to take part in the study? Contact Dr. Holland. You can email her at angholland@augusta.edu

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