SPECIAL REPORT: Women Making a Move


Augusta, GA (WJBF) –

Women climbing the corporate ladder is a national conversation that hits close to home.

Newschannel Six’s Kimberely Scott joining us live in the studio with a look at how two local women are helping businesses grow and opening the door for those who come behind them. It’s a special report on Women Making a Move.

As growth in and around the CSRA continues – The Chamber of Commerce is a key part of that growth. Chambers offer guidance, workshops and networking opportunities for their members.

I had the pleasure of sitting down with two chamber presidents. They just so happen to be women, and they are making a big impact on business in our area.

Terra Carroll and Tammy Shepherd have a lot in common. They both live in the CSRA, both love their communities and they are both respected leaders.

Tammy, “I’m the President and CEO of the Columbia County Chamber of Commerce.”

terra, “I’m President and CEO of the North Augusta Chamber of Commerce.”

And in those positions, they touch thousands of lives.

Tammy. ” The Columbia County Chamber represents over a thousand businesses in the augusta area.”

Terra, “The Chamber is a 501c6 business organization, it’s membership driven, basically what we do is support the businesses in our community.”

With so much growth happening across the CSRA, the services these organizations provide can be essential for any business hoping to thrive.

Tammy, ” the basic part of the chamber is really the advocacy role. we’re always advocating for our businesses….of course we work with our federal and state legislatures as well.

Advocacy and growth *are* good for business. Residential growth is at an all time high in Columbia County and North Augusta is experiencing its own growth spurt…..

more people…bringing more traffic…. and that translates into more money being spent with local businesses.

Terra, ” we have a lot of activity right now and i think folks are getting excited so we’re trying to make sure we position everyone to be ready to accept that growth.”

Since 2010 Tammy has led the Columbia County Chamber. A lot has changed since that 12 year old moved to the area in 1976.

tammy, ” I have watched this community completely change, but again the change is positive.”

Terra has held the reigns in North Augusta since 2012, but has worked in some facet of the chamber industry for 17 years. Hotel management brought her to the Augusta area in 1998. She met her husband and decided to put down roots.

Deep roots help to keep a community stable

Terra, ” we have a wide range from your home based businesses, non-profit organizations, individuals as well as your large corporations.”

And chamber members working together brings a greater level of strength.

Tammy,”The influence that that voice has is greater then them themselves….and therefore there comes a lot of influence and also a little power with that in a very positive way.”

And because they enjoy their work,

Terra, “I totally love what i do, i love interacting with the businesses and helping them grow.”

Yielding results is easy

Tammy, “we’ve grown, we’ve doubled our budget, we’ve doubled our staff, we are fortunate to be in a growing and thriving community.”

Each chamber, like most, offers workshops and learning sessions to build strong businesses, relationships and communities.

These women are on the front lines leading by example as they move forward to conquer new feats.

We also reached out to Sue Parr, Richmond County Chamber President, however she did not return our calls or respond to our emails. However, there is so much more information we didn’t have time to include in this story. So, go to our website to find out who’s a fourth degree black-belt, who’s husband is 6′ 4 & 1/2″. You’ll find out which woman leads a 5-star accredited chamber and which one wanted to be a cruise director as little girl. Just go to WJBF.com and click on ‘Special Report”


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