Special Report: Volunteers with Vintage Flair


Georgia Pin Ups for a Cause

AUGUSTA, Ga. (WJBF)Georgia Pin Ups for a Cause is a stylish -vintage- group you may have seen around Augusta and the outlying communities.

These women devote their energy to passionately advocating and fundraising for non-profit organizations, charities, fundraisers, and more.

Take a step back in time with me to A-line skirts and victory suits, big band on the radio, and the homebaked goodness of southern hospitality!

They are turning heads where ever they go… not just because of their vintage costumes, but their great community support!

Meet Johnnie Mae and Miss Poppy… two gorgeous Georgia Pin Ups for a Cause.

“I have certain dresses that I like to wear as Johnnie Mae, same with Miss Poppy. We all have our individal style.”

And that style is all about service. They are the volunteers with a vintage flair! Chapter founder, Ellie “Johnnie Mae” McGuire explains Georgia Pin Ups for a Cause is a throw back to 1940’s/1950’s pin ups!

“When we bring on girls we start from head to toe. We cover everything, we help them with hair and makeup, we have makeup artists that are part of our doll group, so we help each other out!”

These “dolls” support and assist with fundraising efforts and causes ranging from veterans organizations, to humane societies, cancer, and much more.

“We do stuff together, we’re more like a family, our own little niche group. We do sewing together, we go to events, we do fundraisers, we do stuff online. Anything somebody contacts us about, and says hey, we need this done, we go out and do it. Baking together for some of our events.”

I caught up with Johnnie Mae and Miss Poppy one morning when they were baking pineapple upside down cupcakes for a veterans’ event in Lexington, SC. We’re talking Betty Crocker … to the tee!

Miss Poppy: “The fresh pineapple has been already peeled, cored, and cut up into tidbit style.
Jen: “The fresh pineapple?”
Miss Poppy: “Yes! The only thing that came out of a jar were the maraschino cherries.”
Jen: “You know a lot of people would just stop by the bakery in a grocery store and get stuff. What compels you to make everything so authentically?”
Miss Poppy: “I thinks it’s because we walk the walk and we talk the talk. So, we go through the process.”
Jen: “I mean, it’s almost like a lifestyle, for you it is!”
Miss Poppy: “Yes, it is. This is not out of a box homemade, this is from scratch homemade, and the minute they sink their teeth into it, they’re like, ‘Oooooh.”
Jen: “When I see this, I think your main ingredient here is love.”
Miss Poppy: “That too!”
Johnnie Mae: “I think some of it, too, is continuing this kind of ‘made with love’ southern hospitality part of what we do for Pin Ups for a Cause is part of keeping it going. Like, if you don’t teach your younger generations, nobody’s gonna continue with it- cause a lot of them don’t know about the 40’s & 50’s, they just thought it was super lame old stuff!”

And that means recruiting “Min-Pins,” like these poodle-skirt wearing Thomson High School students, who go by the pin up names Rose & Rosslyn.

“A lot of the teenagers were more modest, like you said, and they didn’t really wear darker makeup, they wore more natural colors, I guess.”

“They didn’t try too hard, they just dressed up how they felt they needed to, and didn’t have to prove anything to anybody.”

And that’s what being a Georgia Pin Up for a Cause is all about: spreading kindness with style, grace… and Rosie the Riviter grit!

“We get a lot of contact from people who talk about they’re too old, they’re too young, too plus sized, too skinny, and we just want to empower women and let them know that any woman – any size, any age – can be a pin up model!”

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