AIKEN, S.C. (WJBF) – We are just a little over a month from Election Day and time is winding down to register to vote.

Many voters may not be aware that when you send in that voter registration card could be the deciding factor, when it comes to whether a vote is counted.

Federal law requires all mailed-in voter registration forms to be in 30 days before Election Day and that falls on a Sunday this year. That following Monday is Columbus Day, so many states have extended the voter registration deadline, but that’s not the case in South Carolina.

South Carolina has made it simple for people to register to vote.

More than 100,000 Aiken County residents have signed-up in person, online, or by mail.

As the October 8th voter registration deadline quickly approaches there are some discrepancies voters need to be aware of.

“They can mail the information as long as its postmark by October 8th. Then they’re fine,” said Cynthia Holland, Aiken County Executive Director of Voter Registration and Elections Commission. “If there’s no post mark on it and we receive it in the mail, as long as we get it by October 13th. They are still good.”

The Elections Director says since the deadline falls on a long weekend, her department won’t be taking Columbus Day off this year.

Holland says she recognizes the calendar dates aren’t ideal, especially since the Post Office won’t be delivering those last few mailed registrations. However, to benefit voters, the state is giving people using the Postal Service a  few extra days.

“They only get counted until the 13th?” Asked NewsChannel 6’s Stefany Bornman.

“Yes, if they are not post marked.” Holland said.

South Carolina law requires voters to present proof they need to cast an absentee ballot.

Still, not being able to vote on General Election Day is not stopping many people from practicing their civil duty.

“I think this is probably one of the most important elections that has ever been held,” said Aiken County resident Billie Trapp-Barton. “From the women’s suffrage to the capital. I’m here to make history.”

Audio on the machines and curbside voting services in each precinct gives disabled voters the same opportunity to cast their ballots.

Some people say, the way they cast their ballots has come a long way.

“I remember the days when you wrote it in with a pencil and this is much easier.” Barton told WJBF NewsChannel 6.

New this year, all 70 polling locations in Aiken County are using Voter I.D. scanners to make Election Day run smoother.IMPORTANT DATES: 

  • OCTOBER 8: South Carolina deadline to register to vote
  • OCTOBER 11: Georgia deadline to register to vote
  • NOVEMBER 7: Last day to cast absentee vote (South Carolina resident must present proof to be eligible)
  • NOVEMBER 8: Election Day

South Carolina residents: To register to vote, or to check and see if you are registered visit or download the app My scVOTES to your smart phone.

Georgia residents: To register to vote, or to check and see if you are registered visit